This semester has been dedicated to the study of Pre-Confederation History. However, we have also worked to develop our critical thinking and applying how we ‘do’ history to the way we approach other topics in the future. My webpage will display my learning over the semester, and also what I will carry with me from this course in future endeavors.

Having previously studied Post-Confederation history, it was fascinating to see which concepts and conflicts began in the Pre-Confederation period. In Post-Confederation history I was exposed to how the sport of lacrosse changed with the arrival of Europeans. To view my research project that expanded on this learning, go to Research Project.

A main concept of Pre-Confederation history is the idea of learning to “do” history. To demonstrate my learning in this area, I have decided to compare the first reading log I completed and the final reading log I completed. For you to see the difference learning to do history has made on my writing, go to Learning to “Do” History.

Carrying the Course into the Future focuses on my learning experiences this semester as a progression of doing history, as well as how I plan to apply my learning experiences to future courses and life.

I have been inspired by my classmate’s contributions to discussions during seminars, and how differently they have viewed the reading logs and concepts we have discussed this term. In particular, Jocelyn’s connections between our course material and her own research paper inspired me to consider how our weekly readings could contribute to my own research paper.

Finally, Sources and Further Questions for Research examines my thoughts on history moving into other courses and the rest of my life, and how I will attempt to answer questions that may arise regarding the topic of Canadian past, present, and future.